Thursday, May 6, 2010


Being a responsible citizen it is our responsibility to keep our environment pollution free. We should step forward to prevent our environment from pollution. Industrial revolution has increased the environment pollution.

Lots of chemicals are being used by the industries and causing pollution. One of the chemical called PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) also called Askarel considered as highly hazardous / toxic chemical. PCB was used as liquid dielectric in transformers and capacitors, lubricants and other prior to 1980’s. It is not natural chemical but it’s manmade. It was firstly found and used by an American company.

Hazardous effects of this chemical in causing cancer, fertility and other disorders have been observed to have long term consequences in living beings. PCB was widely used as a fire retardant and insulator in the manufacture of transformers and capacitor. This was due to their ability to withstand exceptionally high temperatures. PCB is non flammable, having high electrical resistance and good insulating property.
Industry found it perfect oil to use in dielectric fluids, and as insulator for transformers and capacitors. It was using to prevent fire in transformers. PCB is less biodegradable and therefore harmful for our environment.

PCB is toxic and suspected to be carcinogenic to humans and therefore is monitored carefully. Transformers and other PCB containing machines were banned in 1985, but still there are some transformer having the quantity of PCB. PCBs must be removed from transformers which could cause hazardous effects over workers and environment.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has also recognized PCB as toxic chemical. Once released into the environment PCBs do not readily break down. PCBs can be spread out into the environment and migrate through the food chain. Some of the chemical industries are trying to break down its chemical compound into less harmful chemical so that it can be use. But till then this chemical should be totally avoided to use in any way.

As some of the transformers are still having PCBs, those transformers need to be checked and PCBs should be removed off. NDL (New Delhi laboratories) providing PCB analysis test at their Transformer’s oil Testing laboratory. Here you can check out your oil sample and can get relevant results. The Laboratory is well equipped and has implemented quality management system. It is accredited by NABL and performing the tests on different testing standards.

Get you transformer check and keep the environment pollution free. Save your Future.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Need of Transformer Oil Testing

Power transformers are containtg oil which is highly-refined mineral oil. Due to its stablity in high temperature and excellent electrical insulating properties, It is use in high voltage electrical instruments.Presence of oil in transformers is important to keep it cool. Its also provide electrical insulation for internal part of transformers.

For Transformer's better performance it is important , that the oil should remain pure. Every Company having Power Transformer should go for Transformer oil testing at least once in a year. Oil analysis and testing helps to work your transformer well and also it is important to detect other problems in Transformers.

Main reason of Transformer oil testing is to evaluate the purity of Oil. This test includes 9 parameters according to IS method. These are

Transformer Oil Testing according to IS:1866
  1. Electric Strength (BDV)
  2. Water Content (PPM)
  3. Tan Delta
  4. Resistivity
  5. Acidity
  6. Sludge
  7. Flash Point
  8. Interfacial Tension
Transformer Oil Testing according to IS:10593
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
As regular health check up can help you to stay healthy in the same way Transformer also needs regular check up to work well.

A company should always get its Transformer testing through an authorize testing lab. With better testing equipments and qualified testers you can get relevant and accurate results.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Know About Power Transformers

Power transformer is a device which transfers the electricity from one circuit to another. Power stations generate electricity and Transformers plays very significant role to distribute the high voltage electricity equally to every place. There are lots of sources to generate power / electricity like wind, water, coal etc. Every day lots of energy is being produce and it is really difficult to store such a high voltage electricity, therefore it is important to distribute. For smooth flow of electricity to every where it is important that distribution power transformer should work well.

Transformers are exclusively used in electric power systems to transfer power by electromagnetic induction between circuits at the same frequency, usually with changed values of voltage and current. After every one year or two a power company should go for its transformer’s services. As a proper health check up can help you to stay healthy in same way your transformer also need proper servicing so that any problem could be detected on first stage and can be rectified.